The Knowledge Base


1. How much does it cost to join Fehtch?-+

You join Fehtch for free and enjoy free annual membership.


2. When I sign up, I still can't access my account. What should I do?-+

Check the inbox of the email you used to sign up and confirm & activate your new Fehtch account from your email. If you don't see activation link in inbox, check your spam account or contact us here.


3. I have items to ship...what address am I shipping to?-+

Login to Fehtch and see your Fehtch US address where items are to be shipped to.


4. Who can I share my shipping address with?-+

When you shop online, use your Fehtch US address as the detinations for items purchased. There is no extra charge to give friends and family your Fehtch US address to shop and ship on your behalf. Share as you like!


5. Once I have shipped an item, how do I alert Fehtch?-+

After shopping, Login and Pre-Alert your packages to better track your packages


6. What is the use of the US address I received on signing up?-+

This address is to ensure correct delivery to our warehouses in the United Sates and final delivery to you our valued customer in Jamaica.


7. How do I track my packages?-+

Login to Fehtch to track your packages as we keep our tracking system up to date.


8. When will my package arrive in Jamaica?-+

We offer Express Delivery (4 working days) and standard (7 working days) once items are received by us in our Miami warehouses.


9. Am I required to clear items shipped?-+

No. That's part of the integrated services we offer at Fehtch. We handle the entire process of Customs for clearance on your behalf.


10. Do I need to provide an invoice for shipped items?-+

We will contact you if an invoice is required to clear your packages at Customs


11. How will I know when packages are available for pick up in Jamaica?-+

We will notify you when your packages are available for pickup in Jamaica. Alternately, continuous tracking is provided through your account at


12. How can I make phone queries about my package and shopping online?-+

You can contact us at (phone), email or use contact form here.



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