Paying for Services or Shopping Cart Items?


Whether you are paying for Fehtch services or shopping cart items, we offer a wide variety payment options for shopping convenience. If you are uncertain about a particular payment method or have problems making payment, be sure to contact one of our Shopping Assistants or general support. 




We accept payment in-store at any of our locations in major currencies by cash, Paypal, certified checks and personal and business checks from pre-approved customers. Receipts are mandatory, don't leave without one.

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Credit Card


Fehtch accepts all major credit card brands.


Fehtch Wallet


You may simply not have a credit or debit card to shop online or your online merchant won't accept the card you are using. Don't stress it...just top up your wallet account with Fehtch using cash and use our credit card to complete your online transactions.Talk to our Shopping Assistants for more details.

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If you have a Paypal account, we are set up to receive your transfers. Just ask our Shopping Assistant for pertinent information to complete the transaction.




The world is changing fast. In keeping with our cutting-edge offerings, we are currently in the process of establishing the means to accept payments by mobile phone, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  We will notify Fehtch members as soon as the options are set up.


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Pay With Points


What is Pay with Points at


Pay with Points offers Fehtch customers the ability to pay for services such as shipping, pick-up and deliveries, etc. and shopping at House Deals at using rewards points from referals and other similar programmes. You can use points to pay just as how you would make a payment using any other method.


How do I use Points to pay for a service?


If you wish to use your rewards points to pay for a service or your purchase on Fehtch House Deals, proceed to checkout through your Shopping Cart. When you choose your payment method for the purchase, you can choose the amount of points you wish to use for the offset. Points applied to a Fehtch service or House Deal purchase will be detailed on issued receipt.


Fehtch Credit Line


We offer personal and corporate revolving lines of credit at affordable rates and negotiable fees. Terms and conditions will depend on the credit appraisal of the customer. Once your line is approved, shop online up to your approved limit then notify or Shopping Assistant to complete purchase. Simple statements of usage of the credit lines and due amounts will be provided monthly.