Don't have a credit card?


Fehtch Wallet...Voila!

If you don't have a credit card, the merchant won't take your card or simply don't have option to shop online, Fehtch can help you complete your purchase through our Fehtch Wallet feature at no additional cost.
To use the Fehtch Wallet feature, among other conditions applied from time to time, the main requirement is:
Be a confirmed member with Fehtch.
Join now now free of charge!
Once you join, our shopping assistant will guide you through the process of topping up your Fehtch Wallet through a number of options and complete your purchase online.
We respect your privacy and will treat your purchase with the strictest of confidentiality.


What is the Fehtch Wallet?

The Fehtch Wallet is simply an account with us where you can convert your physical cash into currency that merchants will accept online.
Each member can request a wallet and top up by legal tender in Jamaica. 
Once topped up, shop as much as you want to the amount in the account.


How Do I Use The Fehtch Wallet?

To use the Fehtch Wallet feature, among other conditions applied from time to time, the general requirements are:
1. You will need to be a confirmed member with Fehtch. Sign up now at no cost if you have not done so.
2. Provide Our shopping Assistant with specific information on the item(s) being purchased. The URL link(s) to the item(s) is/are ideal.
3. Top up your Fehtch Wallet account by making payment to Fehtch in good funds for the final cost of the item(s) being purchased. You can top up your Fehtch Wallet anytime. Once the purchase is made, your Fehtch Wallet balance is reduced by the amount of the purchase.
4. Sign simple agreement authorizing Fehtch's Shopping Assistant to make purchase on your behalf.


No Credit Card, No Cash?

Don't have the cash to pay upfront? Ask us how you can make purchases on credit.