Joined Fehtch. Shopped. Now What?


The reason you are here is probabely beacuse you have joined Fehtch, shopped using the many shopping options we offer and now ready to ship. We make the process dead simple and at an affordable cost leaving money in your you can shop some more! 


What Do I Need to Ship?


All you need to ship using Fehtch is the shipping address we provided you with on signing up. The information is also available in your account menu. Simply provide the shipping address information to your merchant of choice and leave the rest to us.


Shipping Address Format


  • For envelopes/light packages:
  • { Your Name }
  • 1995 SW 166 Avenue
  • Fhth { Your Id } KIN
  • Miramar
  • FL 33027


  • For heavy/large shipments:
  • { Your Name }
  • Caribbean Ocean
  • 8005 NW 80th Street
  • Fhth { Your Id } KIN
  • Miami, FL 33166


Be sure to replace dummy information with your own details.




Pre-alert: If you so choose, use the Pre-alert feature to let us know we should expect your item or items. Once we receive notification, we are off to the races to fehtch and deliver as you choose, leaving you all the time to grow you business or enjoying life like there's no tomorrow. That's how  we fehtch!


Shipping Rates


With all this fehtching, you will want to know our shipping Rates: Estimated shipping charges are provided here for your convenience. Once item(s) are received and cleared locally, you can pay final charges and pick up at one of our destinations or we will deliver as instructed.

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Happy shopping!