The question: How do we fehtch?


We exist only to simplify and add convenience to your life. Our focus: offer a nimble solution to provide many shopping options to our members then we go fehtch and deliver to their doorstep all at an all in or consolidated landed price. It's dead simple...join Fehtch, shop til you drop, and we go fehtch!




First, you join Fehtch by signing up here. There is no charge. We ask for standard information such as Full Name, Address, etc. to be able to serve you in the best way possible. (See standard Privacy and Terms of Use Policy which protects the information you provide to us).




Once you have joined, access hundreds of shopping portals and brands on our website and shop as you like; for anything...from a pin to an anchor! Alternately, you can shop from any portal not listed on Fehtch. The options are endless...get it? 

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Once done shopping, we are ready to fehtch! You will need to provide us with your shipping details first. To do so, simply copy and paste or re-type the address provided on signing up in the shipping information interface provided by the website where purchase was executed.

See address format


Be sure to replace dummy information with your own details. We then fehtch, and delivery to your doorstep or based on instructions, job done!

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