Fehtch Offers Many Ways to Shop Online 


We believe in bringing you the best with as much variety as possible. We offer free of charge recommendation shopping portal options with all the shopping categories you could ever dream of offering literally thousands of shopping items and hundreds of retailers in Premium and Budget categories.

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Additional portals include:




Our shopping portal where merchants sell their wares directly on Fehtch and where buyers can search and find the best deals of any online partner in the Caribbean. 


Our back-end is easy to use with easy uploads, pricing and descriptive tools to provide as much information as possible to shoppers. Sharing and promoting deals on Social Media has never been easier.


When shoppers find what they are looking for, Fehtch offers own or third-party contracted logistics solutions to deliver right to your door.

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House Deals


Our House Deals shopping portal offers priced to sell shopping deals from our own hand-picked, in-house inventory. No games or gimmicks! All House Deals items are offered at bargain rates available nowhere else online.


Shucks, we may even accept best offers on specially marked items. Visit the House Deals page and join the best clearance party in the Caribbean now.

Once you secure your House Deal, Fehtch.com offers own or third-party contracted logistics solutions to deliver right to your door. 

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Daily Deals


Each day our shopping assistants and staff scour, aggregate and post on our Daily Deals page, the best deals around the web. Our aim is to bring you the most convenient shopping experience featuring fresh deals on premium and budget brands in a manner guaranteed to save you time and money.


If you don't see a good enough deal on Fehtch.com, reach out to us and we will continue to search until we find it!

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