Track Packages with Precision offers a number of options for members to track packages and from the point of purchase right through to delivery too!


Track by Package Reference Number


Every package shipped through Fehtch is assigned a unique tracking number. Enter the unique tracking number and track your package through its entire journey to final destination.




Once you shop, you can create a pre-alert to notify Fehtch to expect your package in our Miami hub. Once your shopped item(s) gets to Miami, you will receive an email confirming receipt and a follow up message of your package being en route to Jamaica. Again, once your package is cleared at the ports we send another email with notification thar your package is ready for pick up or for delivery.

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Our system tracks all transactions through the system:


1. all packages shipped and being shipped by users.


2. all packages shipped to our hub in Miami. 


3. All packages sent to Jamaica and picked up at our counters or delivered.

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Other Tools Used by Fehtch



Proof of Delivery


All packages picked up at our counters or delivered require our members to sign a Proof of Delivery. This important piece of documentation is a valuable time stamp for when the package was collected and the condition package is received in.


Email Tracking


When members sign up they are asked to provide a valid email. Email is used as an important cost-effective auto-update tool. It is the easiest way to keep in touch with and your shipments in a hassle free way.

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Shopping Assistant Support


Lastly but definitely not least, theres email tracking! Members are invited and should always feel free to contact our shopping assistants to verify information received and to pass on special instructions to Fehtch.

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